The Western Desert of Egypt

The Western Desert of Egypt is all west of the Nile valley, in other words two thirds of the country. Its 680.650 square kilometres (262.800 square miles) are equivalent to the size of Texas or the combined area of Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Yet, the Western Desert of Egypt has far more to offer than just sand dunes. Here you will find the four “inner” oases of Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga which lie on “Great Desert Circle” stretching from Cairo to Assiut, and the Siwa Oasis near the Libyan Border, the Black Desert and the White Desert, huge mountain plateaus (as Gilf Kebir which alone is nearly the size of Switzerland), and the Great Sand Sea that is located between the Gilf Kebir and the Siwa Oasis.

Our Offer

Based in Bahariya Oasis – some 330 km (220 mi) southwest of Cairo, in the midst of the Western Desert – we can offer you the best possibilities to explore the unmatched beauty of the desert.

  • We offer different Tours that fit every time budget,
  • Customized Tours are arranged on demand – you determine the duration, the direction, the means of transportation...
  • We organize your transportation from/to Baharyia (if wished),
  • We provide mattresses, blankets (see Accomodation),
  • We bring sufficient amounts of Food and Beverages,
  • We provide tents, lamps, garbage bags,
  • We cook,
  • We drive,
  • We organize all required permission documents,
  • We always take with us a GPS device, a satellite phone and Walkie Talkies,
  • We clean our equipment carefully after each trip.